A Brief Introduction

The Lone Star Bears seek to bridge the divide between mainstream bear clubs and members of the bear community. We recognize that bear clubs serve an important function in the bear and gay communities. We also recognize and accept that not all men are motivated to join a club, run for office, serve on a committee, march in a parade, or wave flags and banners. We provide an alternative founded on friendship.

The Lone Star Bears incorporate the principles of our brothers in the Tinsel Town Bears of Los Angeles, and we wish to acknowledge and thank them. We also wish to acknowledge our many friends in the Texas Bad Boys and our friends in the Alamo Bear Club of San Antonio, who have shown that friends do not need rules, regulations, and by-laws to tell friends how to interact with friends.

About us . . .

What we are:

An Inclusive, Member Driven Social Network dedicated to Friendship, Brotherhood, and Unity among men who consider themselves to be bears and men who admire bears. The Lone Star Bears open our arms to all our brother bears everywhere, and we welcome them with a big bear hug. As a member driven social network, it is the individual members of The Lone Star Bears who conceive, plan, schedule, organize, promote, and host events which are open to all members who want to participate.

Our Goal:

To enjoy and share life with mutual respect for others through friendship.

Our Principle:

We are friends first, and foremost. Friends hang tough through good times and bad. They do not come with fragile stickers. They are not easily ticked off, scared off, pissed off, or turned off.

Our Motto:

To have a friend, you must be a friend!