About Lone Star Bears


The Lone Star Bears are an INCLUSIVE group for all gay men. We are a member driven social group dedicated to promoting FRIENDSHIP, BROTHERHOOD, AND UNITY among ALL bears, cubs, chubs and admirers, and all those who wish to share in the spirit of bear brotherhood through acceptance and respect. All men are our brothers. We seek to build bridges with other bear clubs and groups and throughout the community.  As a member driven social network, it is the individual members of THE LONE STAR BEARS who conceive, plan, schedule, organize, promote, and host events, which are open to all members.


To enjoy and share life with our friends, and to accept all gay men as our brothers, and to have respect for all gay men.


We are friends first, and foremost. Friends hang tough through good times and bad.

They do not come with fragile stickers. They are not easily ticked off, scared off, pissed off, or turned off.


"To have a friend, you must first be a friend"


Treat all others as you would have them treat you.


THE LONE STAR BEARS GROUP provides each member of the group with the opportunity to meet and make new friends, to share, and to socialize, and have a good time with your friends. You also gain the opportunity to meet and make new friends within the local bear community and to link with other bears and bear clubs throughout the world. We are a laid back, easy going group of gay men, who enjoy the company of our friends. We enjoy life, and we love to laugh and have a good time with our friends, and meeting and making new friends.

Too often we sit back and wait for someone else to do something. We all do it, and then we think “I could have done it better, I should have offered my help or input, or I would have done it differently.” As a member of THE LONE STAR BEARS, it’s your chance to do it and get it done with help and support from your friends.

We recognize there are many men who are not into the bar scene, pool parties, or camping out. Therefore, we ask those members to provide alternatives, or to plan and host events open to all members. Please, do not wait for someone else to do it for you. If you have a suggestion for a group event, please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


THE LONE STAR BEARS are open to all bears, cubs, chubs and admirers who want to share in the spirit of friendship. Joining is as easy as registering on the members page. All we ask is that you be willing to be a friend to all members of THE LONE STAR BEARS.

Members are able to post a face picture on the members section of our web site. New members are asked to provide some biographic information or a link to a bear web site where you have a profile posted. We also ask members to provide a link to our website on their profile pages.